3D animation enables us to create video production better than real life

3D animation enables us to create presentation videos that look completely real and photorealistic, to create things that seem supernatural or to enliven ideas … or to realise a product video of a product that does not exist yet. Or it enables us to make a video already shot better than reality.

Versatility and unlimited possibilities are the uncontested strength 3D animation has. There is an unlimited number of applications, from logo animations to the visualisation of entire environments and communicating concepts. Visual storytelling may be extremely realistic or very abstract.

The exploitation of 3D animations is limited only by imagination – and that is something we have plenty of!

Assure and affect with top-quality 3D animation

Dimedia is one of the most experienced 3D animation studios in Finland – we started making 3D animations as early as in the previous millennium. We have realised 3D animations internationally and localized into several different languages for television, Internet and for events and exhibition stands.

The 3D animations realised by us include both technical 3D animations about industrial services, products and processes, executed with engineer-like accuracy, and presentation videos of products that exist only on a planner’s board. We have also realised several advertising videos, character animations and made images shot better than reality, using 3D animation.

Our long history and extensive experience, however, does not mean that we have stagnated. We always make use of the most up-to-date technology available, and continuously upgrade our hardware, software as well as our personnel’s expertise. This way, we can guarantee that the 3D animation we have realised will assure and affect both with regard to content, and also technically.

The most common fields of application of 3D animation:

Technical products, devices and processes
Science, technology and medical science
Construction and real property
Marketing videos and advertising
Illustration and instruction

3D animations for the needs of industry and technology

Often the best way to illustrate the functioning and characteristics of devices, processes and technical products is to use 3D animation. In the presentation of devices or products, fully digital realisation makes it possible to achieve a top-quality visual end result, where reflections and shines are placed exactly on the desired details. 3D animation facilitates also camera angles, cross-sections and tracking shots that would otherwise be impossible.

The extensive experience and technological expertise of Dimedia’s 3D designers and animators enables us to understand how our customers’ products, devices and processes work often only by examining the 3D CAD model of the entity in question. This will save considerable time and expenses, when the client doesn’t have to instruct thoroughly the functioning of every detail.
3D-animaatioita teollisuudelle

Illustration and visualization using 3D animation

If there is a new product that has been planned, but for which there isn’t a physical model yet, 3D animation is the only reasonable method to create real-looking video of this product in question, in a cost-effective manner. The easiest possible way to roll a product, to change its colour, to create exploded views and to split it into pieces is to use 3D animation.

Often the more effective way to present already existing products is to use 3D animation instead of shooting images. Video image realized using 3D animation can be adjusted endlessly, even after the realisation, with regard to lights, backgrounds, reflections, camera angles and tracking shots. In case of a video that has been shot, these cannot be changed naturally afterwards, but instead, it is necessary to organize a new shooting session.

Examples of our 3D animations:

product video
3D animation
Exceed Evo+ Wind gearbox of the future
product video
3D animation
FP120/FP140 Crimping Machine
TV ad
3D animation
Formula 1 TV AD
video presentation
3D animation
SafeGrip - "Safety without compromise"
product video
3D animation
SGBFi Bending Furnace
product video
3D animation
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