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About us

Established in 1997, Dimedia Oy is a production company creating 3D animations, animations and audio production.

In order to be able to offer the best possible 3D animations and animations, we monitor the development taking place in the line almost daily, and we continuously invest in hardware and software solutions. As far as the rendering of 3D animations is concerned, we use the most up-to-date and fastest possible liquid-cooled GPU technology.

For audio production, Dimedia has a separate audio studio with recording premises and control rooms.

To ensure the quality of animations and audio production, it is important to have hardware and software solutions that surpass certain quality standards. Frome time to time, even too much emphasis is placed on the equipment and technology. Sometimes, one tends to forget what is the most important thing, i.e. professional, visionary, hard-working and creative staff … Besides the equipment and technology, Dimedia is lucky to have the latter one, too.

5 reasons to choose Dimedia

Reason number 1: Client satisfaction

Read below what our clients say about us:

"Excellent technical expertise and price-quality ratio."

Kimmo Kiili, Marketing Director / Motonet
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Dimedia has excellent technical expertise and price-quality ratio.

Dimedia supplied us high-quality production, and it is always easy and straightforward to do business with them. Besides this, shuttling various creative ideas back and forth with them is easy and productive.

The security of supply is on a really good level. Products are always finished by the deadline agreed on and flexibly – their ability to push their limits has sometimes been tested, too.

Dimedia is an uncomplicated and reliable partner for all solutions where moving image is involved, from Internet video clips to TV commercials. I recommend them, and we will certainly be in cooperation in the future, too.

"The end result gives me goose bumps."

Markus Kihlström, Sales Director/ Lillbacka Powerco Oy
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Cooperation with Dimedia has worked in an excellent manner from the very beginning. Dimedia got into our products and our way of thinking really quickly, and it has been easy and fun to make scripts. The budget and schedule agreed on for every project has been kept by Dimedia.

Dimedia has an ability to create videos where details stand out astonishingly, and the music supports the whole perfectly.

It has been a complete success, when the end result gives you goose bumps even today when you watch the video.

There are an insane number of people who produce videos; however, when you need professionals, Dimedia is the solution.

"People at Dimedia understand the client."

Jaakko Piri, Marketing Director & Vesa-Matti Noponen, Sales Director / Piristeel
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The outcome is diamonds and solutions have insight.

In every one of our projects the final result has surpassed our expectations, and the realisations have been of extremely high quality. The sound has also worked every time. Our opinion is that their technical expertise is very good. At the phase of creating the script, there have been some issues that have made us doubtful and wonder, how this could be done reasonably with regard to the video. Dimedia, however, has always have a visually impressive and working solution; and when necessary, this has been polished into a diamond.

Playfully, we have called Dimedia a couple of times ’Diamond Media’, because the result has been a diamond.

After the script meeting, they at Dimedia have immediately understood the nature of our company and the ideas that we’d like to express with that video. They have known how to point out even small, humorous details very well. However, keeping the focus clearly on the main message. The videos have always contained something surprising with an insight.

For Dimedia, the budget and schedule have always been kept.  Possible delays in the schedule at various stages of the project have been only due to us being busy with some other tasks. There haven’t been any complaints regarding Dimedia. They have even reminded us very well, if it has been challenging for us to keep the project in schedule. It has been really comfortable and easy to do business with them, from the beginning. Before the finished video it has been very easy to have corrections, additions and changes done with quality. We should emphasize here particularly the fact, that at Dimedia they have understood the client.

Videotuotanto Dimedialta


Effective video production starts from the content – a good and considered script that has been planned taking the target group of the video or animation into consideration. Finished production must address the target group and cause action.

Our objective underlying the impressive content, creative solutions and spectacular realisations is always to reach our goals.


Continuously, more and more money is being spent on video productions. 3D animations, animations or videos that look homemade do not any more stand out from the mass; they don’t build a positive brand image, either.

A high-quality end result is guaranteed by our production expertise polished during over 20 years, deep knowledge of all forms of electric media and the most sophisticated technology we have available.


Even the highest quality isn’t of much use, if a production company cannot keep the schedule, or does not otherwise keep matters that have been agreed on. If for example a TV commercial cannot be delivered in time for the channel, the campaign has failed ... or if the 3D animation for an individual product goes over budget, this may cause major problems in the company’s entire marketing budget.

We always adhere to all the matters and schedules that have been agreed on. Reliability is a matter of honour for us – and this is also shown in the fact that our clients wish to remain as our clients.


It is easy and nice to work with us – we understand that our clients aren’t professionals of this field, and it is our task to act both as a production company and as a party consulting the client.

We also aim at making a purchase decision easy: our quote always has a fixed price expressed in euros – in other words: no work amount estimates, suggestive figures or nasty surprises.

Our production prices contain access rights which are unlimited with regard time and circulation. Our productions can be used freely in any media locally, nationwide or globally (excluding restrictions set by possible third parties, such as actors or external material limited by copyright).

Our clients

Since 1997 we have done productions for hundreds of different companies. These companies range from small local businesses to huge global enterprises. Below some of our clients from different sectors.